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Landscaping in Mountain Green, Utah

We have long been area homeowners’ first choice for landscaping in Mountain Green, Utah, because of our many years of experience tending lawns and gardens throughout the area.

You can’t deny that our climate’s hot, dry weather makes having a lush, green lawn challenging. So while a big part of our service is mowing lawns, another important part is irrigating them.

Irrigation Services

Lawn irrigation isn’t as simple as setting up sprinklers and going back inside the house. Irrigation has to be properly planned and executed for it to be effective.

Many homeowners know that setting sprinklers up in the middle of the day is little more than a waste of money, since much of the water evaporates before it gets anywhere near the roots of your plants. So they water in the evening, after they get home from work.

While this seems like a good idea, it is, in fact, dangerous for your grass and flowers. That’s because the water sits on the plants all night, creating a ripe environment for mold, mildew and other hazards.

Early Morning Irrigation

The best time of day to water is, in fact, before sunrise. At this time, the water has a chance to sink into the soil, and the sun eventually dries any water remaining on the plants.

Few homeowners, however, want to get up before sunrise every day to give their plants a good soaking. An irrigation system is the perfect solution.

We painstakingly design each irrigation installation, drawing maps, accounting for sunshine and shade and taking all elements of your landscaping into consideration.

Once we’re done laying the piping and installing the nozzles and timers, you can rest assured that your landscaping is getting the perfect amount of water — every day.

Fertilizing Plants

Almost as important as irrigation is fertilization. The odds are low that the soil on your property has just the right nutrients to keep your plants in perfect health. But that’s OK — we can fix it. We test your soil to see which nutrients are lacking, then we pick a fertilizer with the perfect ratio to feed your plants, including trees and shrubs.

With the proper fertilization and irrigation, your parched landscape will be lush and healthy in no time.

To round out the beauty of your landscape, we also offer hardscaping services. We build sidewalks, walkways, paths, patios, retaining walls, fire pits and more. Add utility and style to your yard with a hardscape made of stone, brick or cement. Choose the colors and shapes of your material as well, to get the precise look you have in mind.

When you want the most beautiful landscaping in Mountain Green, Utah, rely on Kendall Lawnscapes. Our many years of experience make us the local experts. Whether you need mowing services, sprinkler repair or a wall or terrace built, trust us to do the job. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your property more beautiful.

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