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Landscaping in Morgan, Utah

When you want to improve the look of your home with landscaping in Morgan, Utah, turn to Kendall Lawnscapes. We provide landscaping, hardscaping, fertilization and irrigation services to homeowners throughout the area.

Our company started small and grew steadily over the years, as we became the trusted local provider of landscaping services to both new and longtime residents.

Why Contract Out Your Landscaping in Morgan, Utah?

The reasons homeowners choose a mowing service are many, but most involve lack of time. A family may have a new baby or small children to look after. They may have a busy, demanding job that requires them to travel frequently. They may have enjoyed yardwork in their retirement, but are maybe getting to an age where pushing the mower up and down hills is too difficult. Whatever your reason for need landscaping in Morgan, Utah, Kendall Lawnscapes is here for you.

But we do more than cut your grass and tend your trees and shrubs. We also fertilize and irrigate your landscaping.

Irrigation Services

While it’s critically important to keep your lawn, trees and shrubs trimmed, there is little need for it if they are not properly fertilized and irrigated, because they will grow poorly. 


Irrigation in particular is important in our hot, dry, climate. You may see some homeowners or businesses attempting to irrigate by setting sprinklers out on the grass, but these do a haphazard job. If they are set out in the middle of the day, much of the water ends up evaporating. Watering too close to evening means the water sits on the grass for hours, setting the stage for rot and mildew.

The best time of day for watering is just before sunrise. Few homeowners want to get up at 4 a.m. every day to water their lawns, however. That’s why an irrigation system with a timer is the perfect solution.

We carefully map your entire property, taking into account what types of plants you have, what areas get the most sun and other important factors. Then we install your irrigation system, calibrated to your lawn and garden’s individual needs.

Hardscaping Services

To complete your yard’s beautiful look, we also provide hardscaping services. We construct sidewalks, paths, patios, fire pits, retaining walls and more from pavers, stone or brick and cement. We help homeowners truly enjoy their property by creating sitting and dining areas, paths winding through flower gardens and utilitarian walkways leading to homes or outbuildings.

To find out more about what we offer at Kendall Lawnscapes, contact us today. Our experience, professionalism and friendly service make us the top choice for landscaping in Morgan, Utah.

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